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Calling Christians Fundraisers!

My friend Kenny Hutchison is performing his one-man play of Horatio Spafford, the author of the beloved hymn "It is Well with My Soul."   Watch Kenny transform into Horatio Spafford as you learn about the tragedies and the ensuing triumphs that resulted from the hymn
"It is Well with My Soul."

Kenny is free to book, and YOU get to keep all the proceeds for your fundraiser.  Book Kenny today! 
Contact information in the video above.

Your passion for it compels you to deliver it, to inform, influence, inspire!
With the right training & coaching you will be successful.
Watch this 15 minute video which points the way.

Great speakers were not great at first, they were trained. I help those who struggle with public speaking using exercises that will make you better each time you speak publicly. One can never rise to the occasion, they rise to their highest level of their training.
I can

Revive Life Season Finale

Last Revive Life episode until next year! A much longer video but it does not feel like it when watching it. I tried some new things with this one. Tell me if you like it. Do you ever wish time would slow down?  Time feels like it is passing you by?  Watch and I will tell you why.   Share this video too! Thank you to all for the birthday wishes too!

Revive Life

season one Ep.12

Wow, this was meant to be a mini-series made up at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and this series grew a life on its own. Darren talks about human being versus human becoming, and words do make a difference. I introduce the book "Real Philosophy for Real People" and how we should challenge ourselves by reading a higher
tier book like "Real Philosophy."   Season 2 of my other series "Storytellers" has already begun.


season 2 premiere

Season 2 premiere! Roundtable discussion with Chaplain Britt, Rev. Ron Whitlock, Dr. Steve Ayers, Rev. John Lee. We discussed the first ever Celebration of Faith event held by Chaplain Britt himself in the 1970s then talked about what can be done to help a better tomorrow with faith.

New Revive Life

Episode 11: Praying for Strangers

 (Book Review)

Darren gives his review on the book "Praying for Strangers" written by author River Jordan. Darren tells you what he and what others may hind in these true life stories of Ms. Jordan. This book only shows a small glimpse of what prayer and compassion can do to others and yourself.     

Buy "Praying for Strangers"

and whenever books are sold.


season finale:

Cottage Cove Urban Ministries

We end season one of "Storytellers" talking with Brent MacDonald and Michelle Sobota from Cottage Cove Urban Ministries serving in the Nashville/Madison area.  This is an absolutely amazing after school outreach program for inner city kids & youth.  We also find out more interesting talents that these two have.  Darren is so excited to end season one with Cottage Cove, Nashville's best kept secret.  

Storytellers Episode 11:


chris moore

New Storytellers episode

with author Connie Smith!

Darren talks with singer and songwriter Chris Moore about his start in music, career, inspirations and learn about some other hobbies that shows himself as a man of many talents. Chris is also the husband to Connie Smith, the author of "Never Lose Heart" book series from episode 10. Chris's story is incredible.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Connie Smith to talk about her Never Lose Heart book series. Learn about her journey that led to the creation of this wonderful three book set. These books are not only enjoyable to read but helps you grow spiritually. Many have acclaimed to this and you hear about them in this interview.

Buy Never Lose Heart online or in stores:

Instagram: @neverloseheartbook

Facebook: @neverloseheartbook

Twitter: @neverloseheart_

Revive Live

Episode 10

This is one for the spiritual

portion of life.

New Storytellers!

A Must watch!

Darren has a talk with Kenny Hutchison, who wrote and performs an one-man play based on the life of Horatio Spafford who wrote the timeless hymn 'It is Well with My Soul."  Learn about how Kenny found Horatio's story, how the idea of the play came about, the origin of the hymn and what effects the Spafford family and the famous hymn still has in today's world.

This week's episode of Revive Life is a book review of Simon Sinek's "The Infinite Game." I've been a fan of Simon's work for some time now and I was excited to read this book, I was not disappointed. It is hard for me to write about how much I enjoyed this book after I made this video. Please watch and you can get the book wherever books are sold.  I strongly recommend it. 

Revive Life Episode 8

New Revive Life, a follow up to episode 5 "Give and Take" being a fun hit the other week. Contact Lee Hulett if you're interested in these beautiful dogs. Info in description box.

Revive Life Episode 7

Storytellers Episode 8

Episode 8 is a short one this week.   Being  not able to do live interviews yet, I wanted to do a video for you all.   Look for  new episodes of "Revive Life" coming next week. 



Just like machines, we also need new filters to help our mind and body run more efficiently. One way to do this by learning a new hobby or subject of some kind. I demonstrate this by showing you my bond pond. Using just little materials makes a big difference.

Revive Life Episode 5

I had some company on this episode of "Revive Life'."  I talked about one of the seven habits from the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey.   It was fun to have a sidekick for this episode. 


Storytellers is back and this time is with Thomas Fralinger, the owner of Thomas Jewelers.  Thomas is a master of the skill of jewelry making.  He has made a few pieces for Darren and for many others.  His eye for detail is incredible.  If you have an idea or design, chances are is that Thomas can make it happen.  Hear about his start, the science of stones, his favorite designs and what makes handmade jewelry even more special than by a machine. 

"Revive Life" Episode 4

Since my last episode of "Storytellers" was much shorter than my last few, I decided to make episode 4 of "Revive Life" a bit longer than I usually do.  In this episode, I tell you of 2 books, 3 really, that I am a big fan of and have read many times.  These books and the stories within contain some incredible ethics and skills.   We all know a little bit goes a long way and these books prove that.   


now up

Life will throw you a few challenges, whether planned or not.  I decided to take on a challenge recently that required me to think INSIDE the box and I was very proud of the result.  Watch the video above to see what it was.



now up

Part two of my mini-series on how to deal with the stress and worry of this pandemic.  In this video, I talk about how important it is that we exercise the four parts of life described in the first video: mind, body, emotion and spirit.  It is easy to exercise one or two parts whether intentional or not but forget about the others, this cause fatigue.   The best way to avoid this is to exercise each portion to give us full balance to make us the best version of ourselves. Be sure to read my blog relating to this topic in the video description. 



Part one: The Circle of Life

up now

I had the idea to make this 3 part mini-series to help those struggling and suffering from stress and worry caused by this pandemic.  The best thing we can do (besides stay inside as much as possible) is to keep ourselves in check and in the best shape as possible.   I explain there are four parts to life and how each portion relates to each other to make a whole. 

New "Storytellers Episode!

Dr. Roosevelt Peebles is a longtime friend of mine and I was so glad he agreed to let me interview him on this series. Dr. Peebles is a very respected man and surgeon here in Nashville with the amazing skill in helping others to feel and look their best.   Mentored by some of the best surgeons, he has his own practice open to the public.  Hear some amazing stories and advice from my good friend, Dr. Roosevelt Peebles of Phase 4 Plastic Surgery. 

(website is in progress of updating)

With episode 5, Darren explains his idea and purpose of Storytellers and lets you know what you can expect for future episodes.

New Storytellers Episode!

The March of Life is this week and I can't think of a better time to release the new episode of Storytellers with guest Stephanie Mullowney, founder/photographer for Paperdolls Photography.  Daughter Hannah Grace was born with Down Syndrome and Stephanie is showing a new and beautiful perspective on children with special needs.   I can't say enough about this interview except to ask you to watch. 

I will speaking about Alzheimer's Disease Tuesday the 14th at 6:30 pm at First Baptist Church in Portland, TN. Lots of information about it, how to prevent or possibly reverse this disease. If interested, call Yvonne Heady (615-325-9388), all information on the flyer below. Excited to finally share this.

tHANK YOU FOR ALL THAT CAME OUT!  GREAT TURNOUT!  New Booking on Alzheimer's on

March 26!

silent epidemic.jpg


New "Storytellers"

Episode Up

This third episode of "Storytellers with Darren Murphy" is with Pilates coach and instructor, Julie Yants.  She and Darren discuss the history and the purposes of pilates, why and how it helps individuals.  Julie also tells us how to reach her if anyone is interested in trying Pilates.


Episode 3 of Storytellers will be out very soon and this time, I had the opportunity to interview my Pilates coach and friend Julie Yant.  This was a fun and informative discussion.   Cannot wait to show you all.   

I was in a movie!

"Paths Crossed"

   I recently participated in this short film made for the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project competition.  The team I joined was 2 Twenty-Two Frames, created by my cameraman Zach St. Cin.   The competition consisted of drawing from  a list of genres and 3 pre-determined elements required for the film. After the drawing, that team has 48 hours to write, film and edit a 4-7 minute film.  Zach was given the genre of Buddy film and every team was given the requirement of cake as the prop, designer Rachel Tacora as a character and the line "Now it's your turn."   We filmed for 12 hours and this was the end product.  I think it turned out quite fantastic!  If you liked it, let Zach or myself know.  We would love to hear feedback.  Feel free to share it too.  

Storytellers episode two now streaming! 

Part two of the interview with Larry Ferguson, the host of the talk show "Mr. Nashville Talks."  


Episode 1   now streaming!

Please watch the first episode of my new series, "Storytellers," and tell me what you think. Watch, share, comment, I would really love to hear feedback on this.  More fun projects coming soon!  Big thank you to Larry Ferguson for being my first guest. He is the host of the online talk show "Mr. Nashville talks."  Season 2 of his show is now streaming on Youtube and check him out on  

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