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We are told technology is changing every eighteen months where it once changed once a decade (or longer.) You doubt this? How long did your company use typewriters before word processing machines became common? Updated your computer systems lately? If your company is typical, you have.


You are already having difficulty dealing with today's rate of change. How in the world are you going to deal with future changes, major changes, which occur in twelve months? How about six months? The world is getting smaller. A company might manufacture its goods on three or more continents. On top of that, your factory in one country might be dealing with several cultural backgrounds. Your marketing department may need to get the next big product out of research and development and into the channel. The problem: how to get sales, purchasing, et cetera up to speed and speaking the new language.


Why must you see to it that your training programs are top notch? How about missed sales or missed opportunities -- all because your people didn't 'get it.' Your training must be led by a trainer who is prepared, confident, and versatile. Adult training is different. It is a skill and can be learned.

Today's professional trainer gives your people a ladder to progressive (effective) learning. When your group embraces the subject matter, they become owners of the material. Then they will do things your way.

  • Identify with your audience.  Make the setting 'safe.'  Make the training worthwhile.

  • Get their attention.  Maintain a stage presence.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

  • How do adults learn?  Make yourself a great communicator.  Use great resources.

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