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Darren is a trainer & motivator of people toward positive relationship building and he would like to help you.

Regardless of a business' offering (a product, a service, or both) there must be positive relationship between management and
staff which transfer over to customers.  The goal is to make one an effective and positive promoter of their business.


Revitalizing the structure, creative thinking and strategic planning are a result of effective teamwork that result from

positive relationships that started from good communication.

  Communication is the key to this. 

Darren has written a book about these keys

titled "8 Keys to Connecting.  The

Communication Code of Conduct."



   Darren teaches these specific skills & strategies.  Every workshop includes exercises that help improve/teach these skills.  What is taught, practiced and refined will serve each person positively in their personal and professional life regardless of situations.

  This website has multiple formats all designed to give the philosophy and practices that encourage success with former attendees-given video & print testimonies regarding their experiences in Darren's workshops. Also, you will find fun/informative thoughts (also know as a blog), and book reviews associated with these skills.



Contact Darren to have him help you and your associates to build and enhance communication skills that will benefit you and those around you. 


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