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There once was a time when utilizing capital meant purchasing equipment and facilities with human labor as a necessary part of the process. No more! Today's capital is created in the minds of innovative people. Multiply that capital exponentially by adding other minds and you will have created a powerhouse called A TEAM.

The real working, effective concept of TEAMS is the ability to construct new roads to achievement and success through the efforts of the team members.

  • TEAMS are real capital

  • TEAMS correctly created, are effective

  • TEAMS are here to stay

Historically, TEAMS are the only sure way to lasting, effective success. This seminar is designed to bring your employee teams to the starting point of effective cooperation.

The teambuilding program will be designed for your organization based on the following formula:

I. Introduction and Benefits

II. Vision/Mission/Task List

A.  Corporate/department/team (nesting dolls)
B.  Overall strategy

III. Teams (culture, practices, ideals)

A.  Team purpose
B.  Team procedural actions

IV. Self Assessment

A.  Problem Correction
B.  Conflict Resolution

V. Reward/Recognition

A.  Acknowledging Other Support Teams
B.  Sharing within and outside

VI. Home/Workplace Team





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