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Optimists see the path while pessimists see the obstacle. When faced with a challenge, optimists look for the proper response. Negative thinkers just shrug their shoulders and quip, "I knew that was going to happen."


Can you identify the negative behavior in these examples?

  • When faced with a challenge do I hunker down and prepare or do I look for someone to blame and head for the exit? 

  • When the situation changes do I change with it or do I get lost in change?

  • Am I a 'can do' person or is there just no way out of the situation?

  • Is the future bright and promising or will it always be the same for me?

  • Do I plant flower seeds thinking they might not germinate and grow? 

If you see yourself or someone you care about in these examples, remember negative behavior is learned and it can be changed. Optimism, like negativity, is a choice.

Your sessions will be customized to your unique situation. Here is how we will spend our time.

I.Introduction and Benefits

II.How Negative people Self-Define

A. Am I negative?
B. Where does negativity originate?

III.Break the Circle

A. Habits of thinking
B. Specific skills/actions

IV.Negative/Pessimistic World

A. Rewarding critics and nay-sayers
B. Infectious negativity
C. Environmental culture

V.Corporate Beliefs/Corporate Actions

A. New corporate practices/mores
B. Benchmark minimum

VI.Utilizing Existing Personalities

A. Where is the fit
B. Team rules
C. Specific actions/phrases

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