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Public speaking is in the top five most feared tasks. Anyone can learn, but few wish to try. In addition, public speaking, after personal wealth, is the most powerful asset anyone can have. So, how valuable is the ability to inform, influence, and inspire?

Knowing how to speaking in public is a skill any earnest and committed person can achieve. One just needs to learn, practice, improve, and own it!

Fact: All great speakers were first terrible speakers

Fact: The art of Public Speaking began with the Ancient Greeks and, other than the tech tools now available, is a learned set of skills and strategies not different from Ancient Greece.

Excellent public speaking is a specific set of skills and strategies combined with the psychology of persuasion

An excellent public speaker is made through your commitment, discipline, practice, refinement and courage to own this ancient art form that is always contemporary in all worldly endeavors. Options, opportunities and open doors will be available to you as an excellent public speaker.

What would you give to know how to inform, influence and inspire?

What goals in your life will require you to effectively inform, influence and inspire?


Customers, colleagues, constituents, students, staff, relations and anywhere two or more are gathered there will be a leader.  And that long-term leader will be an excellent public speaker or will not last long.

The Ancient Greeks said regarding public speaking: When Demosthenes spoke, the people listened. When Pericles spoke, the people prepared to march. 


I teach Pericles’ method of Public Speaking.

Darren Murphy - Public Speaking Workshop

Darren Murphy - Public Speaking Workshop

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public speaking - hard or easy?

1. It's psychological – you are vulnerable

2. Practice, repetition, requires evaluation of self & others


3. To improve, you must create time/don’t look for openings


4. Requires similar practice time prepare a speech as to prepare for a sport    


5. Few attempt public speaking, so it must be hard


1. Requires specific skills. easily evaluated and improved upon

2. Progress is quick and identifiable when practice is scheduled

3. Practice is real even if done in the theatre of your mind

4. Many facets to learn and practice so it is NEVER BORING

5. After giving your first prepared talk without a net: meaning you designed, rehearsed and gave it. The emotional high carries you to the next event. You won't be able to wait to do it again. The high bubbles up so immediately, effortlessly it seems, to you, ‘that was easy’

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