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Our world is getting smaller. The need to communicate to diverse groups is essential for survival. To communicate with understanding is the beginning of relationship. Relationship is what makes families strong, communities strong and international relations strong.


Misunderstanding, perceived weakness or threat breeds fear. Fear causes faulty conclusions and often times erroneous decisions.

This seminar gives specific skills, an effective paradigm, and confidence to those who put it to use. The skills and strategies section gives specific actions addressing everyday communication and volatile situation communication. The three main components of communication are outlined along with the emphasis required for each component in order to be effective. National traits are addressed, but more importantly, the four different personality styles which are universal and without a cultural monopoly. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is outlined clearly displaying the universality of its application.

The next section is skills and strategies application. It is put in operation by applying the skills and strategies to specific scenarios as well as team role-playing.


The seminar will be customized to your unique situation and include the following:

I. Common Denominators of Homo Sapiens

A. Values
B. Maslow's Hierarchy
C. Personality Styles
D. Learning/processing information styles

II. Cultural Universals

A. Assess them (55%, 38%, 7%) 
    1. Match / pace / negotiate
B. Cultural Characteristics 
(Choose up to two specific cultures)

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