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Darren Murphy

A lifelong learner and avid reader, Darren Murphy prides himself on incorporating the best information on a topic available into any curriculum he develops. He firmly believes that training is a piece of behavior change, not the entire process. As part of any engagement, he works with clients to identify desired outcomes, confirm expectations and discuss "what's next." 

Darren holds an ADRN (associate degree registered nurse), a BS in health science, and an MPH from Western Kentucky University. 

A caregiver by training, his speaking engagements and training seminars are taught from a place of healing. 

Darren’s desire to teach and train stems from the many hours he spent early in his career helping others learn patient interactions. That experience coupled with the daily events in a medical center pushed him toward education.

After seeing a range of patients and conditions, he became eager to share what he knew about self-care and staying out of the hospital. To that end, he developed a range of wellness programs and began formally studying public speaking and facilitation.

Soon following that schooling, he accepted a contract position conducting public seminars with a national training firm. Able to leverage his years of patient care and customer service experience, Darren taught multicultural communication, anger management, conflict resolution, and other soft-skills topics to thousands of people.

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