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Through the Fog

Credit: Darren Murphy

Driving to work, I saw this ahead of me. John Lennon's quote "life is what happens while making other plans" came to mind. I had planned not to be late for work, as usual.

Credit: Darren Murphy

As I drove on, the fog ahead became closer and thicker and then I was in the midst of it. We make plans, we execute the plans, and then things happen. Sometimes we see what is up ahead and other times, it suddenly is upon us.

Credit: Darren Murphy

So what does one do? Give up? Give in? Live for the day taking what pleasure is available? Eat, drink, be merry? One could do that and would be miserable for the rest of their life.


Credit: Darren Murphy

One could fortify oneself by reading the complete stories about the athletes, the inventors, the entrepreneurs and a host of others whose accomplishments make them the envy of the world. The complete stories will give you the formula for their success.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take,"

-Wayne Groetsky

"Chance favors the prepared mind,"

- Louis Pasteur

This wisdom from Groetsky and Pasteur is derived from their decisions to do certain things a certain way for them to achieve repeatedly regardless of fogs, obstacles and/or more pleasurable pursuits. Yes plan and simultaneously fortify oneself with all the true, complete stories that show "nothing worthwhile ever comes easy to anyone at anytime."

Speaking of John Lennon, read how the Beatles became so unbelievably talented in Malcom Gladwell's book, "Outliers: The Story of Success." That will give you the formula to see your plans through regardless.

Credit: Wikipedia

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