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Beauty & Symmetry (Yin Yang)

Isn't there a beauty and symmetry in opposites?

Photo: Darren Murphy

Isn't there a beauty and symmetry in opposites?

Bella, black & tan, and Fritz, the fawn, are also opposites in temperament. Bella is superior to Fritz in being Bella, and Fritz is superior to Bella in being Fritz.

There is too much concern regards everyone being alike, and not enough positive emphasis on what makes one unique thus different from the other. Beauty and symmetry result from comparison, and comparison is only "able to be" from differences.

Opposites and differences give contrast, and contrast allows for "so much more ." Celebrate your superiority in being opposite the other. When there are truly opposites together without envy, jealousy, and no desire to be like the other, one finds strength that supports and compliments the other. It is a unique strength found nowhere else.

Bella and Fritz would not want it any other way.

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