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Orbiting Hairballs

Photo Credit: Darren Murphy

Orbiting the Giant Hairball  by Gordon MacKenzie

Artists, Creative people, Entrepreneurs, CEO's : Do Not Miss This Book!

It's a  " BOTH  AND " book.

Get a jolt to your Creative side while maintaining a connection with the Tried & True.

People who leave behind the absolute truths, the essential necessaries, always fail, and those who do not venture out, evaluate, and try creative ideas STAGNATE.  The end result of these polar opposites-doomsday.

Life is a  "Both  And".

Ponder this: Newtonian physics got us to the moon, a linear cause & effect science, whereas Quantum physics got us inside the atom, a chaos of unpredictable/predictable outcomes.  Polar opposites yet both true.

Orbiting the Giant Hairball is not a color outside the box nor is it a throw the box away proposal.  It is the "Both And" proposal and is a great read.  Want to shake things up while maintaining universal values? Read this book.

This is unsolicited and I do not know the author, but I love to share stuff that will make a positive difference in other people's lives.

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