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Pig-Headed Determination

Photo Credit: Charlotte Ray

Success is different for everyone; wealth, power, influence, and popularity are a few of the single success titles often followed, but every success has certain similar elements that are the same. Following practices that are indigenous to that particular success desired is required, and everyone must prepare their emotional self for failures along the way.

One characteristic essential is Pig Headed Determination. Without it success, no matter what type, is unlikely. Successful people fail more often than unsuccessful people. It's the LAW, and is obvious. They're successful only because they had "Pig Headed Determination" to get back up, reevaluate, change what is needed, polish other things required , and try again.

PHD is not a negative- it's what makes success possible! Welcome it, prize it, protect it ( Pig Headed Determination ) and you too will become...

Something to think about.

-Darren Murphy

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