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Quality Questions & Life

I once heard, " The quality of your questions will affect the quality of your life."

At first it's ho-hum, but if you really think and realize our brains are programmed in whatever direction you point through our self talk then it's profound.

Why am I fat, or Why do I always fail, or Why doesn't anyone like me? This self talk gives your brain the direction to fill in the answers to your why questions.

Because you eat too much, or You're stupid, or You're not likeable.

Where as a different set of self talk questions would sound like:

How do I begin to lose weight, or What do I need to learn first to become smart, or What do people who are well liked do, say and act?

The quality of your questions really do affect the quality of your life.

More in depth: Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz M.D.

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