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Which One is the Best?

Credit: Darren Murphy

Looking at this field of yellow flowers made me also think: commercials and ads claiming their product, service, and or character is the best- how does one choose?

I've learned to ask previous clients, and in person, or at least by phone what their experience has been. The real time conversation creates the peer pressure effect which cuts down on misdirection, or obfuscation . Customer reviews make me think how the business could have employees write them. After all we live in the age of relativism. Call me a cynic, but read the newspaper, or watch the news for all the scams out there.

My main point; when people are face to face, or on the phone it is very hard for a person to lie. I'm not saying it can't be done, but the average person will be truthful . Face to face also is known to create sincere remorse when a perpetrator has been caught and made to face their victim. ( Read Confucius Lives Next Door by T.L. Reid )

Social Media is a good tool, but it will never replace the impact of face to face communication.

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