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Say No to Cookie Cutter Greetings!

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Are you tired of hearing, " My pleasure," or "ya'll come back" or any other number of sundry platitudes? Well, for people who are not used to dealing face to face in their communications, it is a safe way of dealing with the public. But if you want to be memorable, you can lead your staff to discern the personality style of who they are dealing with.

Why be memorable?

Let me answer you this way:

Whether at a fast food, or grocery line, or anywhere in customer service, are there certain people you wish were there because of the special way they treat you? And if they are not present do you feel like you have just dealt with a robot?

I know of one fast food establishment where the cashier is a 30 something guy who comes across so genuine it gave me pause , and made me mention to him the following. After complimenting him on his authenticity and genuine smile I told him the following; The average Nordstrom's salesperson makes $50,000 to $100,000 per year. They make so much because of their genuine, authentic , legendary customer service. You already have their attitude-why don't you check them out?'

Yes he was thankful for the compliment , and you should see the service I get now, but I keep reminding him about it.

He does not see himself there yet, but when he does there will be no stopping him!

Your staff, or if you are the staff, should make a point of learning as much about excellent communication as possible, and take it one more step, put those skills into practice.

When you do there is no telling where you will go, and what you will become for having done so. It begins with treating that stranger as a unique, important individual that she, or he is, and in your own special way.

Get"8 Keys To Connecting: The Communication Code of Conduct" and begin to become memorable to everyone you meet.

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